Silver Key

Silver Key 5.3

It is an encryption app designed for sending confidential data over the net

Silver Key is a powerful file and folder encryption tool that enables you to send your sensitive information over the Internet (or any other unsafe means) with total peace of mind. The encrypted files Silver Key generates are called "parcels", and besides being encrypted, they are also compressed. This is a double advantage, especially when sending them over the Internet.

The program's main window is the "Control Center", and it offers you a mixture of commands and help topics. From here you can create parcels, decrypt existing ones, configure the program, and perform many other functions. It allows you to create three types of parcels – standard, executable, and attachment. Standard parcels are files in a proprietary format (with SK extension), while executable files are standalone programs that encapsulate both the encrypted information and a self-extracting code. Attachment parcels, however, are files that disguise themselves as other types of files (e.g., JPEG graphic files), so that nobody can think of them as encrypted files.

The program also allows you to protect your parcels using standard passwords and binary keys. Binary keys are separate files containing large binary numbers required to decrypt an existing parcel. You are advised to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both methods before choosing one of them. In addition, the program's Publisher also offers a complementary tool called the "Silver Key Extractor", which allows the addressee of your parcel to decrypt it without having to buy the program.

Besides the "Control Center", the program also includes another tool called the "Silver Key Shell", a separate window where you can perform all the supported operations in both standard and advanced modes. Finally, when you install Silver Key, it also integrates with your system's shell, so that you can also create parcels, decrypt them or shred any files (delete them securely) by right-clicking on your files directly through Windows Explorer.

In conclusion, Silver Key is a versatile tool that provides you with a convenient way to create strongly encrypted versions of your files and folders using three different methods, making them suitable for sharing over the Internet securely.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to create three types of encrypted files
  • Allows you to protect your encrypted files using standard passwords and binary keys
  • You can encrypt and decrypt your files and folders using three methods
  • You can use the program to securely delete your files and folders too


  • The visual design for both the Control Center and the Shell could be widely improved and updated
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